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     The Landlord Forms Supplied below are essential and play an important role in getting good tenants including tenant management and property management.    If you are not farmiliar with any of the below Landlord Forms you can review them in our Hot Files section under  "Get Good Tenants" and "Problem Tenants" including sections "Tenant Management", "Property Management"  and  "Business Operationns".  Try our Complementary Free Landlord Forms.

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Rental Forms:  screening prospective tenants and acceptance for occupancy.   

      Rental Standards . . . . . . . .  Sample Form

  • ... Before you start advertising and interviewing prospective tenants write down the criteria you are looking for in a tenant.
  •       Some Examples of Rental Standards are:   Lease Term,  Income Requirements, Credit Checks, Non-Smoking, Pets,
  •       Occupancy Permited, Deposits, Criminal History,  to name a few.  For More Information on Rental Standards Click Here

     Pre-Screen - Phone Applications......... Print and Use Both Short & Long Forms

  •  ... Use a Pre-Screen - Short Form - to log all phone messages and calls ( this is important )  Quickly determine if
  •          the caller is interested or if they meet with your Rental Standards ... for more information  Click Here
  •  ... Pre-Screen - Phone Application: - ask the right questions to qualify a prospective tenant and  
  •          be careful to not ask a common phone question that can get you in trouble. Read More

      Rental Application ( Free ) ................ Print Rental Application  

  • ...  Read this Important Information,      Make sure your rental application does not set you up with costly questions.
  • ....  Use our Affiliate Links:    Credit Report,   Background Check    Eviction Reports 

      Rental Lease - State Specific  ..........  Affliate Link - State Specific ... Access This Document   

  •   ...  Each State has some laws that vary from other states.  If using a generic lease or one that is not state specific or
  •           old as this may cost a landlord if needed in a in a court room.  Get a Strong Lease - Get a State Specific Lease!      

     Move-in Move-out Inventory ( Free ).....  Print This Form

  •  ...  Document the condition of the entire apartment when the tenant moves in also verify it with tenants signature.
  • ...   Document with pictures that are taken the same day before the tenant moves in.  It is important the type of
  • ...      pictures used for documentation.......  Some picture types may not be excepted by a judge.   For details   

      Smoke Detector Addendum   .............  Print This Addendum

  • ...   When a tenant moves in, put new batteries in the smoke detectors and verify with tenant that they are working.
  • ...   Identify the care and maintenance of eachSmoke detector unit.
  • ...   Have a tenant(s) acknowledge with tenant's signature.  This can help in a liability and/or responsiblity issue.  

     Lead Based Paint Disclosure  ............ Print This Disclosure   Lead Pamphlet

  • ...   Required.. by Law ......The "Lead Based Paint Disclosure " informs the prospective renter(s) if there is any knowledge of
  •           lead based paint on the rental premises. This disclosure is required within your lease content or as an addendum
  •           to the lease.
  • ....  The Lead Disclosure Rule,  U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development ( HUD )   

     Crime Free - Drug Free Addendum  ........... Print This Form 

  • ...   Use this form to help cover your assets.
  • ....  If quick eviction is neccessay, Important Information  ( pdf format )  Expedited Eviction      

     Utility Addendum .............. Print This Addendum

  • ...   Use this form when the Owner or Agent provides a utility where tenant is required to pay.

     Pet Addendum ............. Print This Addendum 

  • ...   Use this form to acknowledge terms and conditions for permission of a pet on the premises.

     Pet Addendum, amending a lease agreement to allow a pet ..... Print This Addendum 

  • ...  Use this form when allowing a pet on the premises that is occuring during a lease term.

    Tenant Information  ............. Print This Form

  • ...  A handy quick referance page to contact and identify a tenant..  

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