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$   Capital Gains  and/or Cash Flow                             

 What is your goal before making an investment in rental real estate?  Okay, To make money, but what type of profit is it that you are expecting.    Are you looking to flip a property for a fast buck ( Capital Gains )  or  perpetual income  ( Cash Flow ) and become financially independent?   What is the Rate of Return you would be expecting on your Investment?   These are some very important questions you should be asking yourself before considering investing in rental properties.


One who invest in capital gains often anticipate the appreciation of the asset to increase.    In the recent past   “  the Bubble “  many investors were buying and flipping like there was no tomorrow.  Many of these investors never did their homework even so far as doing the numbers on the property.  Needless to say many of these investors lost money when the real estate market began crashing in 2007.   When investing for Capital Gains it is important to, buy right,  do the homework and the numbers, and it can be profitable, sometimes very profitable. will show you some techniques, give you tools and direct you to make the right choice when investing for Capital Gains.  Investing for Capital Gains  in foreclosures and fixer uppers can be very profitable but you will really need to sharpen your pencil and research in these areas before committing to the investment.   We will help you to make it easier.  

In today’s economy more than ever before investors are looking for cash flow as a top priority. When investing properly in Cash Flow, you will be on your way to Financial Freedom, and will not be wiped out in boom and bust  markets.    You may consider to first become Financially Free by investing in Cash Flow properties and then add to you portfolio for a fast buck or two some Capital Gain properties. Finding Cash Flow properties will take knowledge in evaluating a prospective property.  will  empower  you with the knowledge, tools and direction it takes to find the deals,  evaluate the income and expenses, and show you how to project the performance of an investment to make the right choice. 


Profitable Real Estate Investing

The following information is presented in a step-by-step instructional format.  We will start you with the Basic Knowledge, Tools, and Referals that will empower you to make profitable investments.  As  information is presented to you, you will also be given the tools, forms and referals at the same time, as you need them so that your learning process is smooth and easy.    If you are already a seasoned investor,  we may present some informatioin that will be new to you.  If so, you will be able to add to you existing knowledge base.   It is important knowing how to analyze each property to determine it's expenses, anticipated income, repairs,  improvements, and other areas of importance so that you can maximize the properties potential for greater profits.     

  • Location, Location, Location
  • The difference between CAP rate ( capitalization rate, used by realtors ) and ROI ( Return on Investment ): 
  • Property Income & Expense Analyse
  • Property Profile ( Repairs, Improvements, Upgrades )
  • Local Codes
  • Demographics