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                           How To Get Good Tenants

    An Easy  "Step  by  Step " Process without the Fluff


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The More Your Know,  The Easer It Gets  $$$


**  VERY simple but highly effective tips and information.

**  Know the Laws,

     >>> A Law You Must Know! ....

             get caught by a savy renter,.. it could cost you Thousands..

**  How much to charge for Rent.

**  Forms you will receive as you need them in each step of the process

**  How to Reject Rental Applicants that don't meet your Rental Standards

**  Become a ...Happy Landlord !                


                             Yes, and .................... We Make It Easy



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      Learn How to:  

                                           1.  Attract good tenants by Creating Curb Appeal for your rental.

                           2.  Prepare Your Rental for Occupancy

                           3.  Become Farmiliar with the Fair Housing Laws. This you MUST KNOW.

                           4.  Determine what to Charge for Rent.

                           5.  Set Rental Standards

                           6.  Refuse Rental Applicants That Do Not Meet With Your Standards.

                           7.  Effectively Advertise Your Rent Unit for Great Results.

                           8.  Save Time and Money by Giving Effective Phone Interviews.

                           9.  Properly Show Your Rental Unit.

                          10. Verify if a Rental Applicant is in Good Standing.

                 *** AND... Access to any Forms Needed To Meet The Above Goals For Getting Good Tenants.


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