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      Dealing With   Problem Tenants

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Getting Bad Tenants Out  

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From time to time you will have to deal with a problem resident.  Whether this problem is nonpayment of rent or damage to the property or even disturbing neighbors or neighboring properties.  In a perfect world we would never have to deal with these issues.  When these situations arise you will need to know how to act and what you should do make sure the issue is resolved.

The key thing to always, no matter what happens to keep in mind is, this is a business and not to take things personally.  Even if this resident knows exactly how to push your “hot” buttons it is important to always act in a professional manner.  Getting into a yelling match with your resident will not make them see things your way. It will only add fuel to the fire and they will not take you seriously from here on out.  Also you do not want other residents to see you act in an unprofessional manner.  If you act like a professional at all times eventually they will settle down. 

In all of the issues we will discuss in the upcoming chapters the most important things you can do besides keeping your cool is DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT and DOCUMENT again.   

It is important to show your clients that you value them.  This can be done by simply referring to your clients as residents not tenants.  This can show that you value them as more than just a rent check each month.  When residents feel valued, they value you and your services and the property that they are renting. 

You should always treat your property management as a valued business even if you are a one man show.  A resident does not need to know if you are a one man show.  Using the term ”we” versus “I” in your communications will portray a professional management company and residents will take you more seriously.  The next few chapters will provide helpful information on many different ways you may have to deal with a problem resident

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                                                                        Evicting Your Tenant(s) ?

            Have Rent and/or  Damage Expenses Due ?  


                                              Presents an Easy Step by Step Legal Process    

                                                      using flow charts to give a general idea of the legal process and to indicate what you

                                        would need to do each step of the way. Pick your situation at each step and just follow

                                        the chart. Note, because each state may be different have an attorney review the chart

                                        first for any adjustments.    READ MORE