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Advertise Your Rental Unit    


 Advertising is the first step to link your renters to you available rental.

A good advertising plan can save you time and reach your market of potential renters.


 a. Advertising Media.

·         Local Newspaper

·         Rental Websites

·         Local Bulletin Boards or Publications

·         Rental Agencies

 -  Before advertising in your local newspaper or publications call their classified advertising department and inquire about the For Rent classified rates.  Usually the rate will be determined by the  size ( number of lines ) and frequency of the ad.  The classified ads are read more on Sundays than any other day of the week mainly because more people have more time to read the paper. But don’t just advertise on Sunday it is more cost effective to advertise in blocks of days and a newspaper may give a greater discount when you rerun you ad for another block of time.  Determine what you want to spend on your ad also figure that you may have to run it several times before you rent.  

 -  These days the internet is being used by more and more people looking for apartments. By using an Apartment search website you can describe your rental in many ways and in great detail.  Unlike a newspaper classified you can describe all your features and show pictures even a video of your property at a fraction of the cost. 

>>>  If you really want to corner the market for greater results you would need to successfully combine or link your newspaper classified ad with your online classified ad.   To accomplish this with great success, a system was developed and tested by called the " Renters Connect  System TM and it has proven to be extremely effective.  At we would like to take this great achievment and to go one step further and Combine the successful Renter Connect System with the Information and Tools offered by and now you should have many good prospective renters looking at your rental unit's. has teamed up with it's affiliate, to offer FREE rental online advertising. Also offered with the Free Online Advertisng  comes the capability of using the Renter Connect System to Maximize your online rental classified.  If you would like to take advantage of this exceptional offer sign up now as a member.     



      b. Review Your Market / Attract your tenant 

 - Know what other prospective renters are looking at by reviewing your Newspaper Classified Listings and Apartment Search Websites.  How are the other rental ads being presented, then make yours more attractive.  Make sure you do not fabricate or use words that discriminate in your ad.  

-    Keep in mind who your market is - Getting Good Tenants – right ?  --- so design your ad to do just that.  Your first line of defense is the way your ad is presented.  Good tenants will not mind filling out an application, giving references and paying a security deposit.  This will weed out some but not all negligent tenants.  Also state some of your rental criteria in your ad such examples as “non-smoking”, “no pets”, etc.  This will weed out others that don’t meet your rental standards.  By doing this it will prevent your phone from ringing off the hook, getting the tire kickers and spending hours of non-productive time.   If you would like more information and examples to help you create an effective rental advertisement consider a membership with  We have Included with your HotLandlord membership Free online advertising for your rental unit using the remarkable Renters Connect system.  Absolutely Free with No Hidden Cost or added obligations. You will receive you own file to update or change you classified ad anytime 24/7 and advertise until you are rented or up to one year.  Become a member now, click here.